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    We have performed over 2000 all around the world over the last 10 years. Main stage festivals, clubs, private island parties, weddings, all ages gigs, huge corporate events and fundraisers. With the magic of music, we will light up your event to a new level. Everyone will be on the dancefloor having the time of their lives! We can also perform in a more intimate setting. Dinner parties, wedding ceremonies, private parties...
    Glassbreakers is a mouldable band and can be configured to suit your requirements. Ilan will always be on vocals, guitar and flute and has hand picked Sydney's finest musicians to make up the balance of the band. You can read more about Ilan and his achievements here. Our regular configuration is a 5 piece - vocals, guitar, bass, keys, and drums. However, we are happy to adapt this to suit your needs. We can start with a trio which combines a guitarist (with vocals), a bass player, and a keyboardist...a simple yet effective combination that will still get everyone on the dancefloor. Our 4 piece has the configuration of a 3 piece with the addition of a now the party's getting bigger... Our 5 piece is made up of our 4 piece with the addition of an electric you're talking... Our 6 piece is the same as above with the addition of a female vocalist...let's rock n' roll!...but wait there's more... We can also offer more brass and string sections, latin percussion, and more vocalists. There is no limit to what we can provide, it all comes down to you and the type of party you're wanting to create.
    We have a huge repetoire of Jewish and Hebrew songs to perform at your chuppah and for the horah. We love getting schvitzy on the dancefloor and we bring so much life and joy to your simcha. Ilan can sing in numerous languages including Hebrew, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.
    Have band, will travel! We love a destination wedding! We have travelled to the Hunter Valley, Bowral, Kangaroo Valley, Berrima, Byron Bay, the Blue Mountains, and also interstate to Melbourne and Brisbane. But of course we're not limited to those destinations - we've travelled abroad and beyond so get in touch here and let's discuss.
    An engineer and good sound equipment is so important to make your event sound and feel amazing. A sound engineer balances and optimizers the quality of the sound using equalization and audio effects. We work with numerous talented engineers who we can put you in contact with to provide more information and a reasonable quote.
    We have a large repertoire of songs we can perform. If you have a Spotify account, you can click here to go to our Ballads playlist and click here to listen to our Bangers playlist. Alternatively, contact us here and ask us to email a list to you. We always love learning new songs so if you have any special requests, we can easily learn them - chances are we probably know them already but they're just not on the list.
    We love playing for as long as you want! We will work around your event schedule. Of course we need breaks but we are there to play for you! For example, at a wedding, we are usually booked for 5 hours and can play for 20 minutes or an hour and a half at a time. We've got some great playlists set up so we can keep the vibe going in between our sets until we are ready to rock the dancefloor again.
  • DJ
    A DJ is a great option for ending your party if you were to opt for a smaller band confirguration to start the event. We have some great DJs we can suggest so contact us here to discuss who would best suit your event or to find out more.
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